Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't be surprised what you discover

#983 - You’ll Find A Way :: Santigold

“Go Ahead,
you know you want it.”

I love the energy of this, the lyrics, the almost caffeinated feeling that this song instills in me. It is a great “wake up in the morning and hit the freeway” song, as well as a “it is finally Friday, let’s slip into something more fantastic” tune.

The sound is reminiscent of some 80’s pop - think Blondie, Kim Wilde, Missing Persons- fused with some modern indie pop acts, such as Metric, The Ting Tings and a less political-skewed M.I.A.

This song has Summer in its veins, dancing in its undertones, and throw yourself your own car concert (road trips, daily commutes, and everything in-between) in its smirk and wink. I keep hitting repeat, and repeat, and repeat again.

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