Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is all I need to calm the pain

#986 - Love Resurrection :: Alison Moyet

“Just a little divine intervention.”

What a voice Alison Moyet has - powerful, sexy, beautiful, show-stopping really. I discovered her voice first back when she worked with Vince Clarke with the band Yazoo, and the song Don’t Go…and later Only You (another favorite of hers that I love). I bought the album Alf, which this song is off of, on cassette soon after it was released - wanting more of her amazing voice.

This was a radio hit (and video hit, a combination that was pretty much a given in the 80’s) - but also was one of the songs I loved the most on the album.

The juxtaposition of religion and sex, and the need fulfilled in both, is intriguing to me - the layers of meaning in a song (something I’ve mentioned being drawn to in an earlier post).

No matter what we all say, and do, in life - we all are looking for something to love, and believe in. Whether that be another person, family, pet, project, or some kind of faith/religion - or some combination of the above.

I tend to be a big believer in love - so this song, I appreciate it…

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