Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Its not time for me to go

#996 - Stay :: Belly

"But I love him dear,
and I love him dear,
and I've loved him hundreds of thousands of years."

Back in the early 90's, when Julia was just a baby and we still lived with her father, there used to be this coffee house that we all went to that I truly loved. It was not even a full block from the apartment we lived in, and no matter what time of day or night you stopped in, you always saw someone you knew. There was live music in the back, random and interesting conversations everywhere, and coffee.

This album came out around then, and often it was playing from the kitchen. Sometimes I stayed around after closing, often because Julia's dad was working a shift there, or someone else I knew was. This album played often, more than often, and I cannot hear any of the songs off of Star without being reminded of the Winged Heart Cafe. This was my favorite song off the album, and one that I often paired up with Kate Bush's Man With The Child In His Eyes, as timeless/eternal/ageless love.

The song also reminds me of reading Richard Bach's Bridge Across Forever, which I read right around that same early 90's time, and which also ties into timeless/eternal/ageless love.

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