Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A car goes by

#988 - I Go Crazy :: Flesh For Lulu

“This city’s mad in the head,
and sick in the soul,
all the stars flew away a long time ago.”

This is one of those songs that remind me of Los Angeles, Hollywood in particular, and days past that I spent running around under the street lights and ever-changing clubs. I close my eyes and can picture the street signs, liquor stores and pizza places across from dance clubs and concert venues, hookers walking next to tourists walking next to next week’s rock band.

And the band of us, piled into a tiny hatchback car, looking for something, and everything, and nothing.

There was an energy, an electricity, that ran through the nights spent in the city, and through all of us, back then. Some of them were chemical, or alcohol, induced. Some of it was the pulse of the city, the dreams low-circling the sidewalks, and the spotlights flashing on and off behind walls and security gate enterances.

Just beneath all the chaos and clutter there was always an undercurrent of emptiness. We were all looking for something to fill it, the people we knew, and the strangers we’d pass, we all carried with us that hunger.

We were all going just a little bit crazy.

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