Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am not impressed

#998 - Impressed :: Charlie Sexton

I'll never kill you this I swear,
then kill myself just to be fair.
I'll never need another queen,
we'll never face the guillotine.

I have a lot to thank John Hughes for, not only for some of the movies that shaped my adolescence (and helped me feel so less alone), but also for introducing me to some of my favorite music from the 80's. His music was featured in some scenes in Some Kind Of Wonderful, which I believe is the first place I heard him. I then remember hearing some of his music on KROQ, late at night, and then later reading about him in some music magazines.

I remember being surprised that he was just a year older than me (he was 16 when the album came out that this song is from, Pictures for Pleasure), and I also remember thinking he was damn fine looking. I went out and bought the album at Music Market, one of these meccas of music (oh how much vinyl they had!) that Kate and I would frequent, often trying out albums/bands for the first time just from the covers and names. I believe we both loved this album, and it probably held residence in both of our bedrooms, and stereos.

This was my first favorite song of his. I loved the references to all the great love stories (Romeo & Juliet, Nicholas & Alexandra), as well as some of the juvenile ones (Barbie & Ken, Mickey & Minnie Mouse). I loved the idea that it was a love song denouncing all the fairy tales/fables of love, and saying "ours is better".


  1. He has such wonderful, lovely, kissable lips. *le sigh*

  2. He really does...*sighs with you*