Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And everytime you overdose

#997 - Last Dance :: The Raveonettes

“Your addiction and you are in love,
not starcrossed.
I wait my turn.”

This is a more recent favorite, and a song that I love for a few, very differing, reasons. From a musical and stylistic perspective I love the feel good pop feeling of the song, the infectious melody, the feigned cheerfulness in the singing, the catchy lyrics - I love that it feels that way, but that the song itself is very, very dark. A love song, of sorts, about being in love with an addict, and being second to addiction. A song about mortality, and about being in that waiting zone of limbo, watching someone fade away. I find the contradictions interesting, and the song more than just surface listenable.

On a personal level, I love it for telling it like it is. Sometimes my musical loves are of the I get this, I understand this, I fucking relate to this variety - because really, songs like that, well they make you feel less alone in the world, don’t they?

Reality isn’t always pretty, not even wrapped up in a catchy indie pop song like this one.

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