Thursday, May 20, 2010

#995 - Dance This Mess Around :: The B-52’s

“Remember when you held my hand?
Remember when you were my man?
Walk talk in the name of love,
before you break my heart.”

There’s something about this song that I’ve always loved, and that has always transcended what I think of when I think of The B-52’s. Although one could argue that this is kitchy and campy, I think it has more of an edge then say their Love Shack era. But then, for me, I always favored their first album, and their earlier recordings, to anything that came after (and not in the “I liked them when they were new/cool/no one knew who they were before” kind of music-snobbery, just in a what I like kind of way).

This song reminds me of going dancing in the very late 80s at a 70’s themed club in Hollywood, and of certain friends, and certain albums, I listened to during ‘88 and ‘89. It reminds me of smoky rooms, disco balls, fishnet stockings and boots, and that mixture of sweat/Boones Farm Strawberry wine/chemicals spinning around in one’s bloodstream.

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