Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who do you think you are

#982 - Mr. Big Stuff :: Jean Knight

"I'd rather give my love to a poor guy that has a love that's true,
than to be fooled around and get hurt by you."

I've loved this song for as long as I can remember, and have so many memories of running around with a hairbrush microphone, as a little girl, singing to this song. My Aunt had the 45" and we'd play it in the Summer, when I'd stay at my Grandparents house, and dance around her room to it.

I also had these neighbors briefly (I think they only lived on our small cul de sac for a few months) who had this stereo in their garage. The two sister and I would crank the collection of 45"s we all had, and make-up dances to go along with them. It was always this song, and Please Mr. Postman, that we played the most.

This was the one I always chose.

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