Friday, June 18, 2010

You can't go on thinking nothings wrong

#971 - Drive :: The Cars

"Who's gonna come around
when you break?"

I suppose this song may very well be dismissed as adult slow rock, or whatever one calls that genre of music that plays on the overly cheesy, slow song/love song radio stations (everyone knows the kind, where everything is either heartbreak or diva sung anthems of love).

It is also very likely one of those songs that has been terribly over-played over the years, and arguably not one of the best songs from Ric Ocasek and the band, but it still definitely does make it to my list of 1,000 favorite songs.

Some of the reason is solely based on my own nostalgia, and memories of a first boyfriend. We spent many nights either driving around in his car, or parked somewhere in his car - watching movies at the drive-in, sorting out a place to be alone (we both lived at home), making out, and having those conversations that make you feel less alone in the world.

This song was playing one particular night, and it mattered - that night, the music, us.

I'm also rather fond of the video, with Ric's real life wife, Paulina Porizkova, and directed by actor Timothy Hutton.

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