Thursday, June 17, 2010

You're lying in beauty now

#973 - Pushing Up The Daisies :: The Colourfield

“And life goes on and on and on and on,
life goes on and on and on and on,
and on and on.”

Although this song, and the album it came off of, was a discovery of mine in my last year of High School, it reminds me more of my first few months of living in my first apartment. I lived with Julia’s dad in this small one-bedroom apartment. We didn’t have a TV, so all of our personal entertainment came from our stereo and mutual music collection, his guitar playing, and a wide assortment of friends who would come and go often.

We had dinner parties all the time. We took road trips to San Francisco. We had music playing all the time. For those first few months living together, in that apartment, was pretty wonderful. Those were the best time of our relationship - it would never be that good again.

This was one of the albums that I brought along when we moved in together. It was soon a favorite of both of ours, and I can vividly remember it playing while I cooked dinner in our tiny kitchen. We had one of those ironing boards that came out of the wall that we would use as a table, when it was just the two of us having dinner.

I remember this song playing on that first Valentine’s Day together. He had set-up a scavenger hunt for me to follow with handmade gifts.

I know I put this on a mixed-tape we took with us, driving up the coast to stay in a little roadside motel just outside of Santa Barbara. That same trip I got sick after we rode the ferris wheel together; the lights and movement, and the salty sea air turning my stomach. It would be weeks before I’d find out my ill reaction was due to being pregnant.

Those months were life-changing, and this song brings flashes of those days back as the melody swirls around through my headphones.

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