Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dance away the heartache

#972 - Dance Away :: Roxy Music

"You're dressed to kill,
and guess who's dying?"

I love the connections I can trace back with certain songs, and the trail of music and association I follow of how I came to love a certain song. Sometimes the journey to falling for a song is almost more nostalgic to me than the memories evoked.

I was a huge Duran Duran fan in junior high and high school. I collected just about everything about them - albums, singles, remixes, magazines, imported fan books, t-shirts, photographs, posters, etc. I read everything I could find on them, and knew all kinds of random and useless information about them (favorite toothpaste? nicknames? favorite color?). I suppose all the trivia really wasn't necessary to know, except that it was fun to talk amongst friends and I suppose compete on who knew more, especially on each of our chosen favorites.

But, the "trivia" I did learn that stuck with me, and actually impacted some of my musical taste, was just that - their musical taste. Not that every mentioned band or singer from the band became part of my music collection, but some of them definitely did.

Roxy Music was one of those bands.

I think it was during a guest spot on Mtv as VJ's did I first hear Roxy Music. It was either this video, or the one to Avalon. The sound, the visuals, the fashion, the entire mood of all of it, captured me - and I wanted more. I ended up falling in love with the albums Avalon, For Your Pleasure and Manifesto - and later loving Bryan Ferry's solo work.

His music, both solo, and with Roxy Music, is some of the most sensual pop music I've ever heard - and I still love it.

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