Thursday, June 10, 2010

Move on out captain

#976 - Beyond the Sea :: Bobby Darin

“It’s far beyond the stars,
it’s near beyond the moon.”

This song reminds me of my Grandfather, the music he used to listen to, especially during dance number shows like The Lawrence Welk Show, that he would often call me in to watch with him. He always seemed to get dreamy-eyed when the dancing began, especially to this song, and a few others of its style/genre/spirit.

He was a big man, rough around the edges, quick with jokes and a bit clumsy on his feet (a family trait, I think, if I’m any proof of that). I’m not sure if he ever did much dancing in his life, though I think somewhere underneath his surfaces he wanted to.

Maybe somewhere, wherever he is now, beyond the sea, he’s dancing.

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