Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sometimes it frightens me

#980 - Suddenly Last Summer :: The Motels

“It happened forever,
for a short time.”

Some songs that I love have a story in my head that play along with them when I listen. Some of these in my head stories have existed for years, and though they may slightly evolve in images and imagined plot, the early visuals that came to mind originally still play a part.

This is one of those songs.

What I see play out in my head, I suppose, is my own version of the music’s video. Visions played out the way I see them whist singing along. A girl, not much past adolescence, at a bus station in some forgettable town. She is saying goodbye to something (not someone), possibly running away from someone (not something). The bus pulls away and she never sees someone chasing behind after, trying to stop her - and that was the one thing she wanted - for someone to stop her, ask her to stay.

I remember it being a bit jarring to see the actual video for the first time. The images seeming to conflict with how I saw the song, felt the lyrics, imagined it coming to life. I prefer the way it plays out in my head - just like I more than not prefer the way I imagine characters in a book I’m reading, and find myself disappointed when a film version casts the characters so differently.

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