Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some loving is what I need

Lucky Number Nine :: The Moldy Peaches

5 Things this song reminds me of:

1. That my mood is finally turning around. I felt like a big black cloud of melancholy had crash landed on me this week, and it seemed like I could not pull myself out from under it. My emotions have been tangled up and turned inside out, tears coming without note or notice, and impatience and temper flaring without cause. But, I'm feeling better today, and I think I am sorting out what had me a jangled up mess. So yes, "I'm starting to feel okay."

2. Halloween. It is far away and not anywhere near the that time of year, but I'm recalling how much I love the holiday, the costumes, and the celebrating. Next year I'm throwing a party, like I used to, its going to happen.

3. Adam Green and the night I saw him play at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. Running into him as he came in, how unassuming he was; he completely blended into the crowd of indie boys and girls with their look-a-like haircuts. We made each other laugh - that's something that always sticks with me, and endears a person to my heart - laughing together.

4. I've never had had a lucky number. I've never had any kind of lucky object, or color, or anything. I have tendencies that veer somewhere in-between order and chaos, and I do believe in fate (to an extent...I love the possibilities...), but I've never been one for superstition. Do you have a lucky number?

5. I think I need to make a playlist of happy for week's like this. I'm pretty sure this would be one of them. Any recommendations?

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