Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I got a story to tell

Lola Rennt (screen shot)
keep art alive; film by Tom Tykwer

"And the times before that well,
I was crazy.
I saw the dark side of the moon,
and the stars in the sky they never caught my eye.
‘cause I ain’t never had nobody like you."

When you decide to let yourself truly fall, and to embrace something that is good for you, and that you truly want, the world looks completely different. You are still you, you are still in your life, the world is still spinning around in the same way it was the day prior, but it all just seems a bit changed. Maybe it is the way your heart is now open, or the nature of sense that have been awaken - or perhaps it is the new sensation of being cared for back, and connected in a way you were not sure was possible.

Whatever it is, it is worth hanging on to, and fighting for. These moments, and these connections, they are rare, and precious, and beautiful. And the laughter and music, it just makes it all the more everything to me.

"What if I were in a coma, and the doc says, 'One more day?'" ~ Manni
"I'd throw you into the ocean...shock therapy." ~ Lola

~ Lola Rennt

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