Thursday, January 21, 2010

If I kiss you where its sore will you feel better?

Better (live) :: Regina Spektor

5 Things this song reminds me of:

1. Best friends and histories that only people you grow up with can understand.

2. That even at the end of a bad day, like yesterday, there are people in my life who make me feel so much better, and it does make it better.

3. Pianos. Though I've had a long-standing love affair with guitars, I think my eternal musical love belongs to the piano.

4. That pain is hard to articulate, as is fear, and that sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that if we stay silent we will heal, we will be stronger, and we won't fall apart - but I think that we all need to say things aloud, at least to a single someone, to actually start to feel better.

5. Kissing is one of my favorite things.


  1. the song is really great!

    " 5. Kissing is one of my favorite things. "