Monday, January 25, 2010

One hand's just reaching out, and one's just hanging on

Head Over Heels :: The Go-Go's

5 Things this song reminds me of:

1. That every so often I wish I'd gone ahead and joined a girl band.

2. Senior year of high school and Rachel. All those sleepovers at each other's houses - hair dyes, record albums, girl groups. I remember dancing on her two twin beds to this song, with hairbrush microphones and air guitars.

3. This, and Lust to Love, were - and probably will always be - my favorite songs by The Go-Go's.

4. My hair was exactly like Belinda's in high school, except dark brown.

5. Somewhere in a box of photographs I have a picture of Jane Wiedlin and I outside of an Mtv Video Awards show. My friend Mike took it. Right before he clicked the shot she told a joke and the pair of us busted out laughing. I don't remember the joke, but I definitely remember the night - she was a sweetheart, and and so tiny - a wee pop-punk fairy.

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