Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Howl :: Florence and the Machine
“If you could only see the beast you’ve made of me.”


This morning I finished the second Dresden Files book, Full Moon (Jim Butcher). I’ve been listening to the series on the recommendation of my boyfriend, as well as the knowledge that James Marsters does the voiceover work on the books.

I love when a book, or in this case book series, catches me off-guard and surprises me. This is not a well-read genre on my part, nor would the book covers be something that would have caught my eye. All the same, I’ve become quite taken by Harry’s tales of the supernatural, crime, and intrigue - and am drawn to him the same way he seems drawn to darkness, to beauty, to love and to finding hope in an otherwise hopeless reality.

I tend to make playlists for everything. Give me an excuse or a theme or an event, and i’ll leap (and dance) at the opportunity to try and set it to music. This last book, with its werewolves of many kinds in tow, as well as the explorations of passions and love, has me left contemplating what I’d have playing along. Florence’s Howl is the first on the soundtrack, and the first for my new song-of-the-day entry.

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