Friday, October 29, 2010

The Kills - Black Balloon

Black Balloon
:: The Kills

“Let the weather have its way with you.”


I was reminded of this song, and corresponding video, while reading my friend’s post on unnerving music videos on her fantastic music blog. While remembering, and then recommending this video, we starting discussing the video itself, and what we felt and saw in it.

I mentioned that the video had an overwhelming feeling of loneliness to it, as well as a desperation, despair, and a feeling of giving up - especially in the scenes where Alison Moshart is alone with her mirrored reflection watching what she is turning into. To me, this eludes to the loneliness of being on the road/on tour and how it must feel to start turning a bit into something else while living in such a outside of reality kind of life.

My friend keenly pointed out that the blood on the microphone could be conveyed as the emotional vampirism fans exhibit toward artists. I think she is spot on with that.

This is the first Kills song I ever heard, and remains my favorite of theirs. I especially love the lyric “let the weather have its way with you”, which suggest to me the giving up/giving in to things beyond one’s control (weather, fame, love perhaps).

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