Thursday, July 1, 2010

They're no fun at all

#963 - Here Come Cowboys :: The Psychedelic Furs

“It really gets to be a drag,
when all we really need is love.”

Every so often there is a song from my past that I’ve completely forgotten about. A song that slipped into the ether of put away albums, and never quite part of the quintessential era music.

I love The Psychedelic Furs for many different reasons, and for many of their albums and songs.

Some are so known, and in some ways so over-played, yet they are still some of my favorite songs (see Pretty In Pink, Love My Way, Heaven, Heartbreak Beat, Ghost In You).

And then, there are a few that perhaps were not so well-known, but still make my list of oh my stars I love that song.

There is an HD radio station that I listen to sometimes in my car, especially during long commutes, which plays nothing but “alternative 80’s music”. It was on this station, on a recent early morning listen, that this song came on and I was both taken aback, and delighted.

Mirror Moves may have been my most-played, and probably my favorite album of theirs, and one I’m now wanting to listen to, in its entirety. Love it.

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