Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm gonna chase the sky forever

#961 - Silver Stallion :: Cat Power

"I'm gonna find me a reckless man,
razor blades and dice in his eyes.
Just a touch of sadness in his fingers,
thunder and lightening in his thighs."

I have a musical crush on Chan Marshall's voice. It is a little bit rough, with a slight sting to it, like a shot of whiskey late at night at some anonymous dive bar. It is a bit sweet, with a sensual slur to it, like early morning kisses that start out tentative, but lead elsewhere eventually.

And this song? it is filled with stories just waiting to be written. it feels like a life ready to be lived, chomping at the bit, clanging a set of keys together impatiently waiting to go. It is heart-racing, skin-prickling, delicious moments that you will always remember, the kind of times you whisper to your best friend, or confess to the pages of a locked diary.

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