Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm gonna say it again

#964 - You’re No Good (live) :: Linda Ronstadt

“I learned my lesson, it left a scar,
now I see how you really are.”

Another cover song that has made it on my list, this is the version that I know, and love (though the original is quite good, but more on the lines of a new discovery to me). Linda’s version is the one I have memories attached to, and remember singing-a-long to.

My Aunt had a collection of albums and 8-tracks that I would listen to whenever I’d visit, especially during the long visits I’d make to my Grandparents’ house (where she lived) over some of my childhood Summer vacations. I used to turn this song up and do the hairbrush as a microphone into the mirror performance - a lot.

I ended up with the sheet music sometime during one of those Summers, and learned to play it on my Grandmother’s organ, albeit a bit of a slowed-down version.

Years later, when I was nineteen, a boyfriend of mine told me I reminded me of a 70’s era Linda Ronstadt, and cited this song, and era of her look.

At the time Linda was better known for her soft/adult contemporary hits, her soundtrack song from the animated An American Tale, and her work with Aaron Neville, and laughed and shook their heads at the comparison.

But I knew this version of Linda, the one he meant, so I took it as a compliment. I remembered thinking she was “rockin”, strong, and pretty damn awesome.

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