Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dark hair thrown back in wild abandon

Sneak peek at something good...
Bubblegum :: Clinic

Clinic's new album is set to be released October 5, 2010. Bubblegum, same title as the sample track above, is said to be a "rewiring" of the Liverpool quartet's frenetic sound, as heard on the 2002 album Walking With Thee, and the 2008 album Do It.

Bubblegum (the album) is said to take a leap beyond the churning riffs and wired vocals to a more dreamlike side of the musical landscape, with the help of dulcimers, tack piano and strings.

Bubblegum (the song) reminds me of the well-read, and ear-marked pages, of a Summer read that you cannot seem to put down. Steamy in a slightly subtle way, indie without being full of its own self, and very sensual sounding. I listen, close my eyes, and can almost picture a Sofia Coppola helmed film flickering across a screen - an off-kilter love story, this song trilling softly in the background of a slightly awkward first time.

I definitely look forward to hearing more.

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