Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Keep Art Alive :: Aaron Kraten

Keep Art Alive; art by Aaron Kraten

Keep Art Alive :: The 10 Questions Project :: Aaron Kraten

1. What music (or other art form) inspires you when you create your art?

I dig a lot of post punk music, Joy Division, Dead Can Dance, Fad Gadget; this music is very inspirational to my work because most of my work is about pop culture.

2. Long-distance road trip: What three people do you invite along? (Fictional or non-fictional, dead or alive)

Frank Tovey, Collin Newmen, and Bob Rochenburg

3. What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

I really like Sugar Golden Crisp; that bear kills me, and what better way to eat puffed wheat?

4. What is one thing that is currently hanging on your bedroom wall?

A skateboard made by Mike Giant - Amazing artist.

5. What smell/scent evokes strong memories for you?

Trabu *perfume* reminds me of when I first met my wife, and all the fun times we had in our youth.

6. Coffee or tea?

Coffee, its like liquid cigarettes.

7. What has been the most impacting compliment, or criticism, you have ever received?

1 am, I walked out of a bar and walked across the street to a Mexican food place to get a snack and a kid walked up after me and was talking to his friends and one of them started motioning in my direction.

A few minutes later the group of kids came over and asked me if I was Aaron Kraten. I said yes, then one of them got super excited and took off his shirt. He had a bunch of tattoo's of my artwork , and proceeded to hug me and tell me how he loves my work. I was super stoked!

8. Three words that best describe you?

Funny, nerdy, and down to earth...wait that's more then three words.

9. Cartoon character crush: Who was, or is, yours?

Velma, from Scooby Doo.

10. The world is ending in ten minutes, and you get to listen to one - and only one - song: Which song do you choose?

Cross Eyed by Slowdown Virginia


Find out more about Aaron at his website: Aaron Kraten Art and at his Facebook and Myspace.

Current work for sale can be found here.

I would like to thank Aaron for participating in the Keep Art Alive :: The Ten Questions Project, and for being inspirational to my work, and writing.

Go now go and check out more of his work, visit a gallery showing, and buy something if you can.

Keep Art Alive and show your support.

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