Thursday, August 5, 2010

I lost my heart under the bridge

#953 - Down By The Water :: PJ Harvey

"Little fish, big fish,
swimming in water,
Come back here, man,
bring me my daughter."

The smell of cigarettes and gasoline, the dim lights of a nearly deserted parking lot, the hour so late that it was almost the next day, and this song playing over us. We had one of those strange relationships that is never quite defined: lover, friend, companion, accomplice. I know our times together were stolen - hours between shifts and responsibilities and places we were meant to be. We were unexpected, which helped keep a veil of secrecy around us, though I'm still not sure what we were trying to hide.

There was always music. There was always conversation. Sometimes there was kissing, and other physical trysts. Sometimes there were arguements, or silent sulks. Sometimes there was nothing but two people in a car, driving fast, escaping in silencing, touching hands sometimes as if to remind ourselves that we weren't alone.

This song was part of that time, part of us, and now forever part of that memory.

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  1. This is one my top 3 PJ songs.. love it. Great post.